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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 9, Part II: Ask the Hair Doctor 6-24-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:17 Hey there 1. I wanted to ask about protein. I read that we should be looking for hydrolyzed proteins in our products because these molecules are small enough to fit in the gaps in the hair strand. Is this true? 2. 0:57 Also, Is there a particular type of protein we should be looking for? 3. 1:09 Also, I have very porous hair and thought because of this I will need a lot of protein. Is this a theory I should be working with?  4. 1:59 When I used the GPB Glycogen Protein Conditioner (by Aubrey Organics) my hair seemed to get really dry and I was told it was a protein overload. Other than shine, should my hair be doing any more to show me that it protein/moisture balanced? Thank you :) 5. 3:19 sorry I have another question about regiments. At the moment I am detangling my hair and twisting it up before I shampoo and deep condition - is this ok or should my hair be loose to ensure that every strand can soak up the shampoo and conditioner? 6.  7:01 Also I alternate conditioners each week. For example one week I'll Repair Deep Conditioner and the following week a moisturizing deep conditioner. I have been doing this as I dont want to get a protein overload - do you think this is ok? Thanks again :)

8:16 Is castor oil a good oil to use on the hair?

9:20 I see your relaxed ends are curling so nice. I would love to know what your doing to get the curls. Thanks for all the advice. 

12:45 You are truly a blessing. Your channel is like a breath of fresh air. There is so much info and opinions on here. Nice to get real answers and advice. 14:14 I'd like to know what you think about using vaginal creams on your scalp for hair growth?

15:35 Dr. Akbari, I truly appreciate you for clearing up a lot of confusing with oils, moisturizers, and conditioners. Since, a lot of information is out there everyone is tapping into it. I get dizzy going into the hair isle or beauty stores. Olive this, coconut that, argan oil, the list goes on... I'm learning to keep it simple as you mentioned. I still have an itchy scalp. It driving me crazy. I must get those test strips. Thanks a million and God bless.

19:41 how do feel about baggying the ends to maintain moisture? I sometimes moisturize before bed, and put a shower cap on to keep my hair moisturized. when i wake up, my hair is damp and soft .I also moisturize and use the shower caps when I wear a phony pony or wigs. I like the way it feels but I just want to make sure I'm not doing more harm than good.

Ask the Hair Doctor

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