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Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

Ask the Hair Doctor - Video Series

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Episode 8, Part II: Ask the Hair Doctor 6-21-11

In this episode of Ask the Hair Doctor, Lisa answers the following questions:

0:13 My 8 year old daughter has seborrheic dermatitis. We have been prescribed different shampoos, ointments etc and nothing seems to work. Please HELP!!!

4:20 When using a moisturizer that is water based but does contain some oils, do I still need to use an oil afterward to seal in the moisture?

5:19 I stopped blow drying my hair completely, I really don't want to but is it good to do it occasionally or should I just stop completely. 

07:20 How can I protect my hair from swimming

8:15 I was wondering if I'm transitioning and you said don't use mouse on my hair if its humid outside...then what should i use.

9:50. I have a deep conditioning masque. Is it better than a reg deep conditioner?

10:40 Also, speaking of gray, I had a shed strand that was gray by the bulb and the rest dark brown. I'm beginning to gray. How early can you begin to gray? I'm in my late thirties.

12:49 How do you feel about using shea butter and black african soap on the hair?

13:55 My question is about hair grease. I currently use Indian hemp for me and my daughters. Is it good to use it or should I be using an oil for our hair? If I should be what oil would you recommend because there are so many choices.

15:46 what's the best order to wash/condition the hair?
I usually: pre-poo(apply olive oil and let sit overnight), shampoo, deep condition or protein tmt & deep condition, rinse out conditioner or thick creamy conditioner w/ oil to detangle, then leave in conditioner

17:46 Is grape seed oil light enough for the hair?

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